The Iowa State Building and Construction Trades Council (ISBCTC) is the statewide umbrella organization for the 16 different and separate Craft Unions that perform construction work in Iowa, and the 9 Regional Building and Construction Trades Councils.

The objectives of the ISBCTC are:

  • To organize into Unions all segments of Labor engaged in any and all forms of construction work, work related to remodeling, renovation, repair or rehabilitation, as well as work allied therewith, including work related to the preparation, transportation, handling or conveyance of supplies or materials therefore;
  • To encourage such Building and Construction Unions to affiliate with the respective Building and Construction Trades Council within their jurisdiction;
  • To preserve the Building and Construction Industry inviolate from the disastrous results of foreign interference and entangling alliances;
  • To assist and cooperate with all bonafide labor organizations in order that we may present a solid front against injustice;
  • To urge the passage and enforcement of laws beneficial to organized Labor;
  • To affect equitable adjustments of all disputes between Employer and Employee;
  • To more thoroughly inculcate the principles of Trades Unions;
  • To foster, develop advance apprenticeship training and to cooperate with the Federal and State agencies promoting the interests of apprenticeship training;
  • To promote the development of health and safety practices and procedures to the end of protecting the health and safely of workers in the Building and Construction Industry;
  • To engage in legislative activity for the promotion and protection of the interests of the Building and Construction Trades Unions and their members, and to protect and advance the interests of the Building and Construction Industry;
  • To engage in research, legal and public relations activities appropriate for the advancement of the interests of affiliated Unions and their members in the Building and Construction Trades Industry.

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